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Who We Are

We would love for you to be a part of what God is doing here at BRCA. Our staff is top notch and well qualified; they love the Lord and most of all have a huge heart to help mold and build your child’s Christian character.

We offer a warm, friendly atmosphere where each child is made to feel important and loved as a special creation of God.

Our staff shares a special relationship with Jesus Christ and each other and strives to impart a Christian example to the children on a daily basis.

It is our desire to provide an affordable Christian education for families who want sound doctrine and moral training for their children in a disciplined and secure environment.


We use the A-Beka Book curriculum in all grades. A-Beka is a proven, well- established program that gives children the academic, as well as Biblical, foundation
they need to build on for the future.

K-5 and 1st Grade is taught traditionally with the A-Beka Curriculum.

Grades 2-12 is taught with the A-Beka DVD Program, with a learning center teacher.

Traditionally taught Math and English 3rd – 12th

Common Questions

Do we wear uniforms?

No, students at Buford Road Academy do not wear uniforms.

Where are you located?

In Chesterfield County at the intersection of Pinetta Dr. and Buford Road

Do you furnish transportation?

We do not furnish transportation at this time.

How is lunch handled?

We offer a variety of options.

To what colleges have your students been accepted?

Chowan University, Liberty University, Oxford University in London

Are there any exceptions for enrollment?

We are not equipped to enroll students with emotional impairments which require special training from our staff.

What others are saying

The first year I came to this school, everybody was already treating me like we had known each other for years. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to love it here. It had already felt like a big family to me. I’ve been to a lot of schools and this is the only one I have stayed at for the longest. My grades have never been this good in all the other schools. After being at this school, I can’t imagine myself at any other school.— Nicole – 11th Grade

Buford Road Christian Academy means a lot to me because for one,  I have been to a lot of schools and this is the one I have stayed in the longest.   I know for a fact that God put me here for a reason.  Everybody has been such a blessing to me.  I love how close-knit everyone is and how there is no division among anyone.  We laugh together, play together and learn together.  The help we get with academics is good, too.  I have gotten the best grades I ever had at this school.  In the end, I have to say the school may be small but the love we have in our hearts for each other is larger than life.— Kayla – 11th Grade

My son started at Buford Road Christian Academy in Kindergarten and is now in 6th grade. The ABEKA curriculum reinforces what we’re teaching him at home and at church and the small class size helps him to excel in his school work. He loves being there! We appreciate the commitment his teachers have always had to each student’s academic and spiritual training.— Susan Campbell

This school, Buford Road Christian Academy, means a second chance in life. When I was in public school, all sorts of bad things happened.  One of them was getting bullied daily by several people.  It was this that stripped me of my desire to learn.  This was accompanied by failing grades, few students were nice, fewer yet were friendly, with  me going nowhere and my future disappearing.  I found Buford Road Christian Academy (or BRCA) and within the week, I had made several friends.  After the first semester, my grades rose from D’s to A’s and B’s.  This can be attributed to the new gained interest in history, science and slightly in math, but mainly to my teacher, who cared about me.  That is what I think and this is what I say “Best school ever”!— Cameron – 8th Grade

My granddaughter attends BRCA and she loves it. It is a Christian place where every child can learn and grow in a nurturing environment. This was proven when she came to BRCA in the 9th grade and is now an upcoming senior. As a ninth grader, she was a very shy and sensitive young lady. Her BRCA teacher and the BRCA Administrator helped her see her own potential. They showed that they cared about each child, not just as a student but also as a person. My granddaughter is now more confident and more outgoing in school. As a parent and grandparent, you want your child to be well-rounded and to love school. I attribute her confidence to her teacher. She took the time to help her and believed in her. There is much love (Family love) in this place. My granddaughter has grown socially, emotionally and intellectually. Thank you BRCA!— Sandra Noble

BRCA has been a blessing to my family. It’s a place where you can feel confident your child is getting the education they truly deserve. The staff cares for each and every child. I highly recommend BRCA to anyone looking for a God filled, loving, caring and compassionate school.— Heather Leal